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Tool description

This tool will help you to generate Fields and Content Type Xmls for packaging purpose. When you have lot of fields it will help you create it very quickly.

It also generates xml for page layout and master page for packaging purpose. It saves developers lot time.
You can download this document How to use guide.doc
How to use it


Fields information:

SharePoint Site Url: This is the url of SharePoint site where you have create Site Columns and Site Content Types through SharePoint UI.

Group: This is the group you have organised your site columns and site content types while creating through SharePoint UI.

Create Fields Xml: It creates xml for site columns those are organised in given group that will be used in Elements.xml file for packaging purpose.

Create ConentTypes Xml: It creates xml for ContentTypes those are organised in the provided group that will be used in Elements.xml file for packaging purpose.

Create Module Sample Xml: It creates xml that helps you package master page and page layouts.

NOTE: This will only work for SharePoint 2010 site. If you want for SharePoint 2007, you need to download the source and modify line 46 of frmSharePointXmlGenerator.cs i.e. field.EnforceUniqueValues.ToString() to "false".

Following is an example of generate xml of SPFieldChoice field:

<Field ID="{5a632254-434e-4a3a-88ce-3b4a68f1304e}"
<Default>Enter Choice #1</Default>
<CHOICE>Enter Choice #1</CHOICE>
<CHOICE>Enter Choice #2</CHOICE>
<CHOICE>Enter Choice #3</CHOICE>

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